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Civilian Clients

Journey of Success - Growth of a decade with client support

Client: U.S. Dept of Labor Washington, DC
Project: PeopleSoft Federal HRMS 7.5, PeopleSoft Federal HRMS 8.0 HR, Position Management, Benefits Administration, Training Administration, CPDF Processing, Security Administration


Comter Systems is a partner in Department of Labor's original HRMS implementation and is providing a variety of technical resources. Comter Systems is playing a key role in the DOL HRMS implementation since Feb 1998. In the initial phases of the implementation, Comter was involved in all stages of the implementation lifecycle including: fit-gap analysis, design, development, testing, integration testing, infrastructure setup and technical support.


After completion of the implementation phase, Comter Systems was designated as the sole contractor for Labor's PeopleSoft post-implementation operations and maintenance support. This included: Upgrading to PeopleSoft Version 8.0, Help Desk support, and post-implementation technical and infrastructure support. Comter Systems is currently supporting the Operations Department, which is responsible for the production HRMS module, User Help Desk, Oracle database support, and security setup.


Comter Systems team includes a Project Manager, Developers, System Architects, DBAs and System Administrators as well as Team Leads. The modules implemented and in production are Administer WorkForce, Base Benefits, Benefits Administration, Training Administration, Security Administrator, CPDF Processing, and Web Manager PAR processing. The Comter team supports the Functional analysis, Technical Analysis, Design, Development and Testing of all the new requests. Comter team supports and maintains the production system and all the interfaces and reports. Comter is also responsible for all upgrades including an upgrade to PeopleSoft 8.0.

Client: U.S. Dept of State Washington, DC
Project: PeopleSoft HRMS, Benefits, Position Mgt v 7.0 and 8.0


Comter is currently engaged with DoS HR as the provider of Help Desk, Operations and Maintenance and Application Upgrade services.  Comter which has contracted with the HR Bureau since May of 2001 is responsible for: Help Desk, Administration and Security, Requirements and Analysis for system related issues, Design and Development, Independent Validation & Verification System Testing (IV&V) services, Implementation and Upgrade Services, and Production Support.  Our efforts include special projects for both the HR/EX/SDD (System Development Division) and HR/EX/SOD (System Oversight Division).


For over four years, Comter has supported the mission-critical HR applications through its operation of the Application Support Service Center. Once we took HelpDesk responsibilities, the Comter staff has resolved 90% of all customer inquiries at the Support Service Center level.  Comter worked with DoS Government Project Managers to define escalation and notification procedures, standard operating procedures.

For Operations and Maintenance and Upgrade services, Comter's role includes: business process reengineering, change management, supporting the upgrade to Oracle 10i, analyzing capabilities of external software, performing gap analysis, developing prototypes, implementing major new releases, designing and developing significant enhancements, developing new interfaces, overseeing security and privacy of personnel data and incorporating other system's functionality into the mission critical HRMS system.


Comter's Specific Tasks at DoS
•           Comter has staffed and operated the Service Support center for over 4 years to provide support for the IPMS applications of HR. We have a detailed process for addressing issues that was developed jointly with State.

•           The Service Support Center has been staffed Monday through Friday for operation from 7.30am – 5.30pm. Comter has also successfully supported over 800 users of the GEMS HR System by answering functional and technical questions, involving logging and tracking calls, incidents, and responses daily. Comter produces monthly incident summary reports that provide DoS management input for identification of key system and process problem areas and potential user training requirements.

•           Comter has developed and maintained the Support Center Procedures and Training Materials for DoS.  These are very specific to State because of the unique way in which their systems are designed to support their business functions. 

•           Comter has provided support in monitoring and maintaining the Production Control batch processes which includes the interface to DoS Payroll that pays over 20,000 employees across the globe.

•           Comter administers application security based on Diplomatic Security requirements for multiple database environments. 

•           Comter has installed, configured and maintained STAT and Rational for the IV&V group and has used them to manage our SDLC process.

•           Comter is concluding the first phase of upgrading State's mission-critical HRMS system.  This included analyzing and documenting over 1500 requirements, conducting fit gap sessions which were the basis for which customizations will be implemented, and writing the design documents.

•           Comter is re-engineering 7 major business processes as a part of the upgrade to the latest HRMS system.

•           Comter has worked with DoS to develop and implement a process for the full Operations and Maintenance cycle.

•           As part of Operations and Maintenance services, Comter's Development team has provided analysis, coding and unit testing for over 100+ required fixes and enhancements in support of the DoS HRMS system, along with interfaces and interdependencies between other HR internal and external systems. 

•           Comter has supported the DoS HR upgrade with its full suite of support systems.

Client: U.S. Dept of Treasury Washington, DC
Project: PeopleSoft HRMS eBenefits, Position Mgt, eRecruit


Comter Systems served as a subcontractor to the Prime Contractor for a PeopleSoft Federal HRMS implementation project for thirteen bureaus within the Department of Treasury. Comter Systems provided the lead role in the early stages of system design, and completed a gap analysis of Treasury's existing legacy systems and documented requirements. The service delivery model that Comter created for the Internal Revenue Service was chosen as the role model for the rest of Treasury. In addition, Comter Systems led the implementation at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) and played a major role in developing the payroll interface.

Client: U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Rockville, MD
Project: Time and Materials, Cost Accounting Department


Comter is responsible for providing the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) with Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services until the Cost Accounting System (CAS) is decommissioned and/or the transition to a Share Service Provider (SSP) is complete, whereby the SSP will assume such duties. Comter is responsible for making necessary changes to ensure that identified problems with the CAS are corrected and the system is returned to production in a manner that satisfies the needs of the government. A critical component of CAS O&M support is the periodic processing of data through the system and the generation of outputs in the form of Cognos Powerplay cubes and reports to support the agency mission.


Comter provides O&M support for the following CAS applications:

• Armstrong-Laing's “Metify” Cost Model version 1.4.2

• Technologies supporting the CAS include:
Microsoft (MS) C#. MS Access Visual Basic, MS DCOM Configuration, MS IIS (Web Server)

• DataDirect Technology ODBC (Configuration), Sybase T-SQL.

  • Metify ABM Server
  • Metify ABM Client
  • Metify Link for Access
  • Metify Link for PowerPlay

• Support the “As-Is” COGNOS PowerPlay version 6.6 Cube Reports and COGNOS UpFront software.

  • Cognos Impromptu
  • Cognos Impromptu Administration
  • Cognos Enterprise Server
  • Cognos Script Language
  • Cognos Access Manager Administration

Comter provides the loading and configuring of the CAS application to include new releases, upgrades, patches, and fixes to the software. Loading and configuring software shall constitute providing this service to the point whereby the application software is ready for use by the NRC in a production environment. Comter coordinates with the NRC Project Officer and the cost accounting Functional Lead in the performance of this work.

Client: Smithsonian Institution

Led the implementation of HSPD-12 including smart cards, privacy and security and business process reengineering.