Comter Systems Pvt Ltd.

Corporate Culture

Journey of Success - Growth of a decade with client support

Creative People

Comter’s creative people form the foundation of our company. To compete in a highly competitive market where IT solutions are outdated as soon as you implement them, Comter has focused on recruiting and maintaining the best and the brightest consultants within all levels of our service offerings. We encourage them to use their knowledge and experience to find creative and effective ways to provide you with a solution that meets your timeframes and budget.

Technical Solutions

Many companies offer a pre-packaged set of consulting solutions.  At Comter, we recognize that the one-size-fits-all approach may not work when it comes to your particular IT need.  We distinguish ourselves by taking our core set of best practices methodologies which are based on SEI’s CMM and tailoring these to your IT project.  This does not mean that we emphasize customization of the application.  On the contrary, our clients have found that the deep product knowledge of our consultants reduces the amount of custom code that needs to be written to meet their requirements.  In addition, any customizations that are made are designed to rigidly conform to the vendor’s specifications to minimize the impact of upgrading the core product.

Personal Attention

What sets Comter apart from most companies is the personalized attention we give our clients on each project.  Our consultants see each engagement as a partnership where we strive to form a bond of trust between your team and ours.  We make communication and commitment to work toward common goals our priority.  As part of this partnership, each client is given complete access to the executive management of Comter to resolve questions or discuss issues when they arise. We believe this is the main reason we have been so successful in winning repeat work in past engagements,