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Database Solutions

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Database Solutions


Organizations recognize the importance of tapping into the vast reservoir of information that accumulates from the many transactions occurring every day. The challenge is in finding the right approach to storing the raw data and then converting it into meaningful information useful to key decision makers. Comter Systems can support your enterprise information and decision program by designing and implementing a corporate or departmental data warehouse for information analysis. Our data warehousing team can conduct a full life cycle effort that will move your warehousing initiative from the planning stage to a system that delivers critical business information to your desktop.


Database Administration activities are among the most critical for a stable and successful business environment. A well defined strategy for successful database administration involves the following factors:


  • Adequate time invested in planning
  • Well-trained personnel
  • A process for backing up and restoring hardware and associated media
  • A process for backing up and restoring software
  • Scheduled testing, verification, and validation of recovery plans

Comter Systems, Inc., provides a wide range of database tools to meet your requirements. We specialize in developing database applications that fit the specific needs of our clients by providing the very latest technology and knowledge to our clients.


Database Solutions services include:

  • Data modeling and designing
  • Database analysis
  • Development using all major databases including Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Informix, and IBM DB2.
  • Database maintenance
  • Remote administration
  • Database Migration
  • Testing and installation
  • Upgrading existing database systems