Comter Systems Pvt Ltd.


Journey of Success - Growth of a decade with client support

Client: US Navy (DIMHRS)
Project: Time and Materials


Comter is part of the team that won the DIMHRS contract. DIMHRS contract included re-vamping of the DOD HR. systems, strategically providing solutions to business processes. Comter provides the requirements, and overall objectives for system specification, development, and implementation of the Defense Integrated Military Human Resources System (DIMHRS) Personnel/Pay (Pers/Pay) program. DIMHRS (Pers/Pay) will be a standards-based DOD-wide military personnel management and pay system that uses best business practices leveraging the PeopleSoft Human Resource Management System (HRMS) product.


From a functional perspective, this environment will allow for a single logical personnel/pay record that supports the Service member from accession to retirement and provides for access to information for authorized external users. DIMHRS (Pers/Pay) will maximize efficiency and performance in normal and adverse environments, and integrate and interface with DOD and external systems. Comter is re-engineering new systems as needed and integrating multiple wings of DOD's HR under a core common strategy. The most difficult and complicated part of this project thus far is strategically re-aligning various HR operations. This very dire task included various research studies to understand current operations at detailed levels through user forums, management forums, and through detailed change management efforts. The military records system is not very efficient, because the separate personnel and payroll systems for active and reserve members simply are incompatible. Change Management studies indicated:


  • CINCs do not have access to accurate or timely data on personnel needed to assess operational capabilities.
  • OSD and joint managers and other users of data are hindered by the lack of standard data definitions and cannot make necessary comparisons across Services.
  • Reservists who are called up are sometimes “lost” in the system; impacting their pay, they're credit for service, and their benefits.
  • Active duty personnel (and reservists) are not tracked into and within the theater
  • Linkages between the personnel and pay functions differ among the services resulting in multiple data entry, complex system maintenance, reconciliation workload, and pay discrepancies.

The recommendations of these studies combined will define the path of the systems implementation.

Client: NIMA, Bethesda, MD
Project: PeopleSoft HRMS, Enterprise Portal 8.0


Comter provided overall program management and advanced development support for PeopleSoft 8.0 HRMS and Enterprise Portal technology. Comter supported NIMA's PeopleSoft (PS) Program Office and Workforce 21 Process Owners responsible for overall planning, requirement definition, testing, functional integration and operations of PeopleSoft software. Comter participated in the development of the applications plans, development of functional requirements, development of technical plans, and follow- on oversight of technical programmer analysts. Comter also provided independent validation and verification of PeopleSoft modules that were being implemented at NIMA.