Comter Systems Pvt Ltd.

Jay Jayaram

Chief Executive Officer


Jay is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Comter since its inception. Jay is a transformational leader whose exceptional vision helped Comter become a successful management consulting and IT services organization. Jay helped Comter establish the highest pedigree of business consulting acumen founded on her more than two-decade consulting experience. Jay adopted Peoplesoft Technology to help Comter clients achieve process efficiencies and operational effectiveness in Human Capital Management and Financial Management areas. She is responsible for business strategy and operational oversight of the company. Prior to founding Comter, Jay held management positions at Value Options, National Academy of Science, TRW, and Bender Management Consulting.


Jay has a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Nagpur, India and a master's degree in Information Systems from George Mason University, Virginia. Jay was also an adjunct faculty member at George Mason University and at the University of Maryland.