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Comter understands the importance of effective training. Our unique approach involves a total training system, enabling our clients to provide a learning environment capable of flexing quickly to keep up with a dynamic and fluid operational environment. Through the use of hands-on and desk-side training, we will increase overall usage and productivity.


Our trainers create electronic end user documentation and training manuals adhering to APA (American Psychological Association) standards, which will give documents easy readability and better formatting. Incorporating the use of available web multimedia technologies, our trainers develop online tutorials for training purposes. Additionally, these materials are web applications that test the knowledge and proficiency of the end user. These advanced training systems are more elaborate and provide more convenience to end users and users can take the training any time without affecting their regular task activities. Online training will have question and answer sessions at the end of the training to confirm users' understanding.


Just as critical as the training process of the users is the training process of the project team, especially the core team. Special emphasis needs to be given in developing a training plan for the core team and executing it.


The first steps in the Training Process are education of the project team. The training team should remain flexible and consider training an evolving process by soliciting an evaluation of the training from each person trained and modifying the curriculum and updating previously trained users as deemed necessary based on the training evaluation feedback.